Politicians: beware of what you ask for when you limit our Internet freedom

For days now,  Twitter is up in arms about The Digital Economy Bill or #debill as they call it there. #debill is a law, the UK Parliament just rushed through before the elections and that restrains the freedom we have today on the Internet. This despite of over 20.000 people took the effort to write their MP’s, to vote against this bill.

It would not suprise me,  if we over here in the Netherlands would be forced to adopt such draconian laws, trough the ACTA proces, because as in the UK, we have eqally  strong lobby groups, that tell politicians what to do and what not.  But besides that, I would like to emphasize now what the effects of Twitter are  on politics, because it is interesting to see what happens there:

So,  in fact on the Internet it is almost wartime..

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